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17th Moisa Research Seminar on Ancient Greek and Roman Music (Bressanone/Brixen, 10-14 July 2023)

The Moisa Research Seminar is a week-long seminar on Ancient Greek and Roman Music that, since 2004, have been attended from students and scholars from several European, American and Asiatic countries (https://www.moisasociety.org/it/seminars/).

From 10th to 14th July 2023 the Seminar will be organised by the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Padua and it will take place in Bressanone/Brixen, Italy (with the possibility to follow the event also in streaming on Zoom). Following the customary format (originated in Corfu and then moved for some years to Riva del Garda), the programme will comprise morning sessions (10am–1pm), devoted to the study of a particular text and topic, as well as a series of evening lectures (6–7.30pm) on other issues of interest.

The 17th Moisa Seminar shall focus on Pliny’s Natural History, one of the largest encyclopedic works from the Roman world on the natural world or life, where music was relevant too: this text will be the starting point for a survey of the evidence on the music in the natural world and environment in antiquity and its reception.

The opening lecture will be delivered by Prof. Egert Pöhlmann (Erlangen), while the speakers will include (in alphabetic order): Prof. Anna Anguissola (Pisa), Prof. Simone Beta (Siena), Prof. Pauline LeVen (Yale), Prof. Sylvain Perrot (Strasbourg), Prof. Donatella Restani (Bologna), and Prof. Stefano Rocchi (Pavia).

The afternoons are free for swimming in a wonderful indoor swimming pool & sauna, sightseeing, sleeping, or further discussion. The evening lectures will provide an overview of the most recent developments in the field of ancient Greek and Roman music and its cultural heritage, as well as a chance to improve current projects thanks to the feedback and questions of the audience. A more detailed program will be announced as soon as possible.

Both morning and evening sessions will take place at the so-called ‘Casa della Gioventù’ of the University of Padua, near the historic city-centre of Brixen (https://www.unipd.it/sede-bressanone), in a space particularly suitable for the exchange of ideas that is so typical of, and vital for, this seminar. This university campus includes classrooms, common areas, and a little bar in which it is possible to have breakfast and coffee. The ‘Casa della Gioventù’ can provide accommodation at 35 euros per night and person. For information to book a room please contact Dr Silvia Tessari (silvia.tessari@unipd.it) or Dr Giovanna Casali (giovanna.casali2@unibo.it), or Dr Alessia Zangrando (alessia.zangrando2@unibo.it).

The fee for participation in presence is 70 euros. It will be also possible to attend the seminar online: the evening lectures will be freely available online while, in order to follow via Zoom the morning sessions and have access to the material prepared by the speakers, students who cannot travel to Italy should become member of MOISA and pay a membership fee of 25 euros (https://www.moisasociety.org/it/join-or-renew-with-moisa/). The Moisa Society and the Department of Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna will kindly offer a scholarship to one student covering the costs of accommodation and fees (information on how to apply will be announced soon).

Those who plan to participate may express their interest and register on the following page: https://forms.gle/p2dkbR62xAmmPih26 .

For any other information, please get in touch with the scientific organiser, Dr Silvia Tessari (silvia.tessari@unipd.it).

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